Canada, a top developed country in North America attracts top professionals from around the world for their education, higher studies, research, industries, work environment, and many more. Every year thousands of individuals apply for Visa and permanent Residency though only a few get the approval for further interviews. Individuals must be aware of all the latest laws, eligibility, opportunity, skillset and legal information to prepare for conditions prevailing in the current scenarios. They have to initiate the process with nearby embassies and consulate with authorities following strict procedures.

As there are several laws Citizens must pass through to clear their path for Canada Permanent Residency. These requirements need to be precise, carefully checked and evaluated to keep your Canadian Visa approval on the right path. Through this article, we hope to bridge that gap for pushing your dream with reality and keeping your ambitions high for settling in a foreign country environment. canada pr process

A Permanent Resident is the one who has attained documentation to prove their status from other countries to stay as a permanent citizen of Canada. Basic Requirements for Canada PR include a lot of documentation and certifying your identification as per the process laid out by the Canadian government. Here is a general list that every individual must pass through to get their approval for the permanent resident visa to Canada.

Get a permanently reside visa application and then duly fill it as per the recommendations. Processing time varies as per the individual checking and embassies procedures.
Pay the application fee as designated by the authorities
Skill assessment tests based on the prescribed on the form
Language test results based on international exams like TOEFL or IELTS that may be depending on your education and work fulfilment.
Have all the original certifications, degrees, diplomas, and other personal identification documents. Along with an attested test copy of a set so that it can be given to the authorities without any entanglement.
Individuals must also possess sufficient funds to support their stay in Canada for the initial time being. They also need to pay the application fees as asked by the consulate.
In the case of your refugee status, there is certain identification one must possess to come under that category.
Provide a medical certificate from a recognized institution.
Any other specific documents or tests as the embassy ask for based on your skillset, education, age or work experience
Also, authorities will carefully examine your criminal check and other important personal identification before your approval.
On successful completion of the form acceptance and approval, individuals are then called for face to face interviews at a given time.
Although everyone is allowed to apply for Canada PR though only a few qualified individuals are accepted to study or work in the country. A lot of factors define whether an individual is eligible based on their age, official language proficiency, level of education, Canadian work experience and second official language.

Once you acquire Canadian Permanent Residency, then you have the right for social benefits, live, work, and protection under the Canadian charts of Rights and Freedom. With the right time and experience, PR holders also can apply for Canadian Citizenship to vote or run for political offices and take on the top security jobs under the government authorities. And whenever individuals make a trip to their native or any other country, then these valid documents are checked on your departure. And when you arrive from any commercial way via plane, bus or car then these are checked again to confirm your status as a permanent resident of Canada. Generally, the PR Canada card is valid for 5 years and reviewing must be done as per the designated time to avoid any entanglement with the concerned authorities. Even in the renewal process needs to be precisely followed as per the government regulations to avoid refusal. Sometimes individuals are out of the country or could not renew their visa at the right time, then there are specific provisions and travel documents that one can acquire to make their travel moments easy to Canada.

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