Food is our fuel. Our physical, mental, as well as psychological well-being, depends on the type of food that is served on our tables every day. As important as it is to exercise, food habits determine a large part of our lifestyles. After waking up in the morning till we go to bed, ever wondered how many canned products we have consumed?
It always saves time to have a microwaved lunch or dinner and dash off to your next commitment; however, it is a twofold mistake that we all make. First, these packaged meals lack nutrition. Our body requires certain minerals and vitamins to function properly and those meals are hardly nutritious. Second, packed meals are made with the certain amount of preservatives that keep them edible and prevent the growth of molds. Our body cannot process these preservatives properly as it harms in proper ingestion and brings down the metabolism rate.

In the morning many of us have the habit of giving kids a breakfast of cereals. Cereals mostly contain high- fructose corn syrup and GM corn. This means a huge quantity of sugar which comprises to almost 92% of daily sugar consumption limit is already taken. Reducing sugar intake should be a top priority since it leads to various problems like obesity, high blood pressure, premature aging etc. Instead one can opt for grain carbs or whey protein. Organic pastured eggs can be another healthy option.

Advertises can mislead us thoroughly. While buying canned juices we all get happy thinking that we are about to have 100% natural juice without going through the ordeal of juicing a fruit. However, that is oh-so-not-true! Being manufactured in a factory makes it just another chemical composition, again with the huge amount of added sugar. It is always better to make your own juices from fruits and vegetable. It might get a little messy; however, there are so many advantages you would not want to miss-

Fresh juice promotes weight loss
It works wonders with the immune system. So next time you are sick with a cough go for a freshly squeezed glass of lemon juice. Your body will be supercharged with phytochemicals and antioxidants.
Feel the kick of energy- While coffee may be your “poison” of choice, in the long run, there can hardly be any benefits. Replacing that coffee cup with a glass of fresh juice instantly increases the nutrient portions and optimally balances the body’s PH level. That, in turn, gives the “kick” that we need.

Supports brain health- People who consumed fresh juice for more than three times a week are less likely to develop diseases like Alzheimer’s.
Traditionally fermented yogurt is full of useful bacteria (probiotic). Food preservation was achieved through lacto-fermentation in the ancient times. It is a process that adds a whole lot of beneficial micro-organisms. However, the ones available in supermarkets are pasteurized and do not provide any such health benefits. It is advisable to make yogurt using a starter culture and raw grass-fed milk.

Our food habits determine a lot of things that make us happy and also go a long way in having a fruitful life. With a little planning and knowledge, we can come out of the habit of favoring ready-to-eat meals and opt or more natural alternatives.

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