Most people are of the notion that only those with oily skin get acne. However this is not true as anyone, with any form of skin can suffer from acne. However not all acne treatments work well at treating acne on people with dry skin. So here are some tips to help you manage your dry acne skin.

Tea tree oil can work very well treating acne as it effectively kills acne causing bacteria without any irritation. better yet, it is cheaply available for around 10.00 for a decent sized bottle.

Include as many fruits and vegetables in your diet as you can because they are both good for your skin, and are rich in vitamins and minerals. This helps in maintaining your complexion, and plus, helps prevent an acne breakout. Tail Activewear Coupon

If you have to use some kind of a moisturizer, use one that has glycerin or Vitamin E.

Vitamin E can effectively attack acne dryness from the inside out. So besides using moisturizers, take vitamin E supplements.

Aloe Vera gel is a great natural remedy for dry acne prone skin. It is not only calming, but also has lots of nutrients that are beneficial for your skin. Aloe vera also helps in the healing process, it can be used as a face mask to help get rid of acne scars.

Wash your face with cool water and a Cetaphil dry skin cleanser. This cleanser is available over the counter, and helps treat the dryness that can arise from acne medications.

Try to avoid having extremely hot showers and baths as they only lead to the loss of your skin’s natural oils and emollients.

Soaps are not advisable for dry skin acne as they only dry and irritate the skin.

Try to gently cleanse your face twice a day to get rid of dead skin cells that only lead to blockage of skin pores.

Though over the counter Benzoyl Peroxide is effective in treating acne, it is better to use it sparingly as it can dry your skin. If you have to use it to treat acne, use a moisturizer afterwards.

When you are outside or exposed to direct sunlight, try use a sunscreen of some sort. There are many different types of sunscreens that are meant for acne prone skin..

Drink plenty of water everyday as it clears acne and hydrates the skin this does not mean go out and drink gallons just try to stay relatively hydrated 2 or 3 glasses a day is fine.

In the winter season, try to keep the temperature down to control humidity levels. Wear clothes to keep you warm so that your skin does not get excessively dry.


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